Magnolia Nursery 

where kids learn & have fun !!!

Our curriculum is designed around fun filled activities that ensure development in all 6 key areas of children education and learning that excites the neural circuits.

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Key Area of Development
Physical Development
Focuses on children developing physical control, awareness of space and manipulative skills, both indoors and outdoors
Sand Pit, Water Games, Hand/ Eye Coordination, Outdoor Toys, Fine Motor Skills Development.  
Creative Development
Focuses on how children's imagination develops and their ability to communicate and to express their ideas and feelings in Creative ways, using role-play, singing, music, dance, imaginative play and art.
Exposure to different textures, coloring, clay modeling, use of primary colors, exploring different mediums etc.
Knowledge and understanding of the world
Focuses on children developing crucial knowledge, skills and understanding that helps them make sense of their world and their environment
Water play, Identifying Body Parts, Field Trips, Cooking Activities, Gardening etc.
Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
Covers an understanding of maths and provides the basics in using numbers / sorting, matching, patterns, problem-solving, space & measures
Shapes, Matching the figures, Numbers, Jigsaw, Counting etc.
Communication, Language & Literacy
Promotes a language rich environment, which focuses on children developing skills in speaking, listening and communicating in different situations and for different purposes
Story Telling, Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Listening, Mark making etc.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Focuses on children learning how to work, play & co-operate with others and mix in a group other than their family group
Confidence building, personal hygiene, sharing, developing pride in self achievement etc.
  Expressive Art & Design
Being Imaginative. Exploring and using media & materials.
Children use what they have learnt about media. Children sing songs, listen to music and dance.


-  Dance and Music classes offered at Magnolia Nursery